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About Us. 

How many professional athletes do you know that will come to your house and clean up your junk? Well, with Big Lug Disposal & Recycling that's exactly what will happen! Founded in 2011, Big Lug Disposal & Recycling Ltd. is a fully licensed and insured junk removal and disposal services company that is owned and operated by long time BC Lions offensive lineman Dean Valli (the Big Lug himself!). So next time you need to clean out that basement, garage, attic, or back yard, remember to leave it to the pros...literally!​

Dean Valli Hoists the Grey Cup, 2011
2011 Grey Cup Ring
Big Lug branded junk removal tow vehicle
Our Story.

Lets face it, getting rid of your household junk and clutter can be a daunting task. First, you have to get your junk to the dump or local transfer station, which can be nearly impossible if you don't own a pickup truck or utility trailer. Next, if you manage to get all of your junk to the transfer station, you then have to satisfy all of the rules and regulations (and believe us, they are numerous to say the least!) associated with dumping your things. Finally, if you haven't given up by this point, you have to get out of your vehicle in the midst of all that garbage, and throw everything away by hand! Oh, and don't forget to sort out all of your recyclables and stop by the recycling depot on your way home. Any way you slice it, its quite an ordeal!

And that's were we come in. We take the hassle out of household junk removal, but do it a little differently than many of our competitors. To start with, we do not use large dump trucks or bins, all of our disposal services are done by trailer. Next, we offer a convenient self-serve trailer drop off option, for those who need a little extra time to sort through their household rubbish and determine what needs to go, and what needs to stay. And Finally, we take every precaution to insure that junk is disposed of in the most environmentally conscience and friendly way possible.  

So why be different? Well it`s simple; first, our methods allow us to keep costs down and offer consumers very competitive pricing. Next, protecting the environment is something that is very important to us. By doing things just a little differently, we are able to operate in both an environmentally friendly, and cost effective manner!  For more information on exactly how we achieve this, click here to visit ​our ​​                page​​​​​​.


7' x 14' Hydraulic Dumping Trailer

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