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Construction Waste & Debris Removal Coquitlam


All-inclusive contruction waste and debris hauling service in Coquitlam, BC (we remove, load & haul away the debris) - price is dependent on material type and volume.


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If you are looking for a construction debris and waste hauling service in the tri-cities area (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and Maple Ridge) then you are in the right place. Hi, I'm Dean, and welcome to Big Lug Disposal!

Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Debris Hauling in  Coquitlam, BC & Area
How Do You Do Construction Waste Removal?


We do things a little differently here at Big Lug Disposal.


First, we do not use conventional rubbish bins that often damage driveways. Instead, we use an agile trailer-based system where each trailer is moveable by a pickup truck.

Regular Types of Construction Rubbish We Haul


We are able to offer construction waste hauling and removal services for the following types of building debris:


  • Drywall

  • Cinder blocks

  • Brick

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Steel

  • Rebar

  • Concrete

  • Asphalt


Regular tonnage-based pricing applies for the above materials. If you have more specialized needs give us a call and we can give you a price quote for your exact requirements.


Ready to talk or ask questions? Call Dean today at: (604)-358-5455 to learn more!

Specialized Types of Construction Rubbish We Can Haul


There are many types of construction debris that are dangerous. Asbestos is among them. We are able to haul asbestos - but we charge a different prie for this material. Contact us today for more information if you have material containing asbestos that needs to be hauled away.

Construction Waste & Rubble We Cannot Haul


  • Contaminated soil

  • Contaminated materials


 If you have a construction site that requires these types of materials to be removed we recommend that you call an environmental remediation company.

Construction Debris Hauling in Coquitlam & Port Coquitlam: How It Works


1. Pickup truck trailers on site for 48 hours

2. Load trailer

3. Haul debris to dump

4. Sort and dispose of debris according to Coquitlam dump regulations


Ready to talk or ask questions? Call Dean today at: (604)-358-5455 to learn more!


How Much Does Construction Waste Removal & Debris Hauling Cost (Price)?


When people ask how much our construction debris removal services cost we usually provide the same answer - it depends - on a lot of factors.


The main determinants of price are the quantity and types of materials. In general, the more material you have the more loading and disposal time is required.

 Give us a call at (604)-358-5455 for more information on pricing.


If you have a simple construction waste removal project with one type of material that is straightforward to handle (e.g. steel rebar) then the disposal procedure can be completed quickly.

 In that case the price would be slightly lower than a more complicated job with multiple types of hazardous materials each requiring a time-consuming disposal procedure. 

How Long Does It Take?

ft depends. If you just need loading and hauling done for a low number of straightforward materials already sorted and piled then we can be done fairly quickly - sometimes as little as 3-4 hours of loading and disposal time.


If you require trailers to be left on-site for 48 hours or more to collect debris then obviously it will depend on when we start the hauling and disposal procedure.


Ready to talk or ask questions?


Call Dean Today To Learn More!


>> 604-358-5455 <<



P.S. Pick up the phone and dial right now!


Our Vision


We aim to make construction debris removal as simple as possible. By being your 'one-stop-shop' provider we can fulfill all of your debris hauling and waste removal needs in the Tri-Cities area including: Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and Maple Ridge. 

Our Solutions


By doing construction waste and debris removal a bit differently than many of our biggest competitors, we are able to operate in a way that is easier on both the environment and your pocketbook. Learn more about how we do this on our solutions page.

Our Services Beyond Construction Waste Removal


We provide a number of services to meet your waste hauling needs in Coquitlam, BC and area.


Whether you need self serve junk removal using a trailer drop off, full service rubbish removal, pick up for individual items, or even clean up for a commercial warehouse or construction site we will provide a service that is the perfect fit for your needs! Learn more on our services page.

Your Next Step For Construction Waste Removal in Coquitlam, BC


Now it's time to get in touch. Call us right away and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have about construction debris removal and how it works.


Call Dean Today To Learn More!


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P.S. Pick up the phone and dial right now!



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