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Drywall Disposal 

Removal & Recycling Rates. 

Easy as 1, 2, 3! 
    Our drywall removal and disposal rates are determined by a simple 3 part formula
  •     Disposal Trailer - to transport your drywall debris from your job site to the recycling facility
  •     Loading Labour -  Our crews take care of all loading and site clean-up                                      $30.00 per worker, per hour      
  •     Disposal Fees -  Based on the total weight of the drywall debris being recycled                               Charged per 100kg of material                                                                                                  

Are the "disposal fees" for drywall different than for other materials???

...Yes, because drywall recycling is highly regulated industry, and the fact that prior to 1990, some drywall joint compounds and texture coats contained asbestos, drywall disposal fees are slightly higher than those for most other materials

​ Drywall Disposal Fees: 
      There are two different categories of drywall debris...
  •      Date Stamped Drywall                                                                                                 Marked with a manufacturers date stamp of 1990 or newer
                               $25.00 per 100 kg

  •      Non Date Stamped Drywall Debris                                                                              No date stamp visible / date stamp older than 1990
                               $32.50 per 100 kg*
 * Non date stamped board or board marked with a date stamp older than 1990 must be                           accompanied by analytical test results showing that no asbestos is present. For more information         on how to obtain analytical test results for your drywall, please give us a call @ 

Can any other materials go in the same trailer as my drywall debris???

...No, drywall cannot be co-mingled with any other materials when being recycled. However, drywall with ceramic tiles attached (kitchen backsplashes or shower walls) is acceptable 

Okay, is there anything else I need to know about drywall disposal before I go ahead with my project???


...We've covered most of it, but here's a list of some helpful hints just in case

​ Helpful Hints:
     Here are a few hints to help take the hassle out of disposing of your drywall...
  • Check for a date stamp
                     Date stamps can be found printed on the back side of full drywall sheets or along the                             edges of the board, or both, and vary in appearance depending on the manufacturer.
  • If in doubt, have your drywall tested
                     If you are at all unsure about the age of your drywall, or if you cannot find a date                                   stamp, have your drywall tested for the presence of asbestos. These tests are relatively                         inexpensive and will not only help keep you, your family, and workers safe, but                                       may also help you to avoid costly hazardous materials clean-up bills in the future!
  • Test every room you plan to demolish
                     It is not unheard of to have different drywall joint compounds and texture coats from                               one room to another, so be sure to have every room tested
  • If you're still unsure, give us a call!
                     Let's face it, drywall is one of the most difficult construction materials currently                                       in use to dispose of. If you find yourself confused or concerned, please don't hesitate to                         give us a call @

I know that for many of your other services, you provided a couple of examples for the final cost of a load, any chance you could do that for a load of drywall debris???


​ Example #1:
     Here is an example of a bathroom that was renovated in an older home and had all the           drywall including the ceiling and shower walls removed...  
  •    Drywall disposal trailer =                                                 $159.00
  •    320 kg of non date stamped drywall ($32.50 per 100 kg) =      + $ 104.00
  •    Loading labour  - 2 workers x 1.0 hour =                                      + $60.00                                                                               = $323.00 + GST                                                                                                       
​ Example #2:
     During the drywall installation phase of new home construction, you are generally left             with a substantial number of "off cuts", or waste drywall that needs to be recycled. Here         is an example of a typical off cut load.                           
  •    Drywall disposal trailer =                                                   $159.00
  •    108kg of date stamped drywall ($25.00 per 100 kg) =            + $270.00
  •    Loading labour - 2 workers x 2.5 hours =                                   + $150.00                                                                                              ​=  $579.00 + GST

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