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Leave it to the Pros....Full Service Rubbish Removal Rates. 

​ Choose the Type of Service You Would Like:
  •      Curb Side Pick Up: Includes 15 mins of loading and up to 150 kg of household rubbish

  •        In Home Full Service: Allows for up to 30 minutes of loading with a crew of 2 workers
                            $169.00​ + disposal fees 
  •       "XL" In Home Full Service: Allows for a larger 18 cubic yard trailer and up to 2 hours                                                                         of loading with a crew of 2 workers
                            $299.00​ + disposal fees 

But what are "disposal fees" and how are they charged???

...We're glad you asked!

​ Disposal Fees: 
      These are based on the weight of the rubbish you put in the trailer, and vary                            depending on the type of material your load is made up of...
  •      Mixed Household Rubbish
                               $20.00 per 100 kg

  •      Yard Trimmings and Green Waste
                               $14.00 per 100 kg
  •      Clean Lumber and Wood Waste
                               $12.50 per 100 kg

Okay, but are there any items that you won't take or will cost a little extra if you do???

...Well, unfortunately yes, a few. While we strive to limit restrictions on the kinds of items we will take, in order to comply with industry regulations and maintain our own standards of environmental ethics, we do put a small number of surcharges and prohibitions on certain items and materials

​ Surcharge Items:
      We are able to take the following items, but a small surcharge is incurred as they must            be separated from the rest of the load and taken to different facilities...  
  •      Electronic Items (anything with a cord)
                               $5.00 each up to a maximum of $25.00

  •      Paints, Liquids and Aerosols
                               $5.00 each up to a maximum of $25.00 
  •      Propane Tanks
                               $5.00 each up to a maximum of $25.00
  •      Tires and Automative Fluids 
                               $10.00 each up to a maximum of $80.00
  •      Mattresses & Boxsprings
                               $30.00 each 
 Prohibited Items:
For a number of reasons, there are certain items that cannot be co-mingled with other materials in your load. If you find yourself needing to dispose of any of these items, please give us a call @ 
  • Drywall (Gypsum Board)
  • Corrosive Liquids (containers marked with this symbol)
  • Unlabelled Paints and Chemicals 
  • Asbestos Containing Materials 

Wow! That's a lot of information to process! Let's cut to the chase, how much is this service going to cost me???

...Every load we see is a little different, but here are a couple examples of typical loads to help give you an idea of the final cost. 

​ Example #1:
     This is an example of a typical "Spring cleaning" type load. When the space in                         your garage that your car used to call home needs to emptied, or the condo                             storage locker and den are over flowing...  
  •    In Home Full Service =                                                    $169.00
  •    360 kg of mixed household rubbish ($20.00 per 100 kg) =        + $72.00
  •    Mattress  - 1 @ $30.00 per piece =                                               + $30.00
  •    Electronic items - 3 @ $5.00 each =                                             + $15.00                                                                        = $286.00 + GST                                                                                                       
​ Example #2:
     This is an example of a large load consisting of a wide variety of household furnishings,         including couches, tables, dressers, as well as the kinds of items you might find                     cluttering an attic or crawlspace. In most cases these items need to be carefully                     removed from several different rooms within your home, and for this reason, these types         of loads tend to take a little longer to load.  
  •    "XL" In Home Full Service =                                                 $299.00
  •    1210 kg of mixed household rubbish ($20.00 per 100 kg) =       + $242.00
  •    Electronic items - 5 @ $5.00 each =                                              + $25.00 
  •    Paint items - 2 @ $5.00 each =                                                       + $10.00                                                                                              ​=  $576.00 + GST

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