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Hot Tub

Removal and Disposal Rates.

Base Rate: 

  This rate covers the on site demolition and removal of your hot tub, and allows for a tub of up         to 500 kg, and up to 2 hours to complete the job. About 80% of the hot tubs we remove fall into     this category  

  •    $479.00 + GST

But what if my hot tub weighs more than 500kg, or takes longer than 2 hours to dismantle and remove???


...Not to worry! In the event that your tub is heavier than 500kg or takes longer than 2 hours to remove, simply pay for the additional weight and removal labour


  For those hot tubs that weigh more than 500 kg or take longer than 2 hours to remove. 

  •    Additional Weight  

                       $20.00 per additional 100 kg  

  •    Additional Removal Labour 

                       $50.00 per 30 mins

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