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Speciality Services. 

Did you know that drywall / gypsum board installed prior to 1990 must be tested for the presence of asbestos before it can be accepted to be recycled?

In recent years, drywall has become one of the most problematic materials for both home owners and contractors alike to dispose of. Very few facilities accept used drywall, and even fewer make clear the rules and regulations associated with the recycling procedure.

At Big Lug Disposal & Recycling Ltd., we deal with drywall disposal on a daily basis. We have a strong working relationship with the Lower Mainland's largest gypsum recycling facility, and we know the rules for its proper disposal inside and out! 

For more information about drywall recycling services, give us a call @ 




Drywall Recycling

Has your hot tub long since sat empty, gathering dust, rainwater, and worse yet, any number of  little critters looking for a warm place to call home?  Let's be honest, finally admitting that it's time for your once glorious piece of backyard bliss to go is no easy feat! However, when that day comes, fear not, we're here to help!


We have removed and disposed of hot tubs of all shapes and sizes. Tubs are dismantled on site, so tight spaces and tricky access are not an issue. In most cases this can done in under 2 hours, and with virtually no evidence of the old tub left behind we are finished. 

Full Service hot tub removals start at $429.00 + GST

For more information about hot tub removal, give us a call @  


Hot Tub Removal and Disposal

Junk Removal 6' x 14' Trailer w/ Integrated Bins
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Select and Hand Demoliton
Junk Removal Warehouse Clean-up

Do you have a bathroom, kitchen, or basement renovation you've be meaning to tackle?


In most cases, interior renovations or restorations require demolition to be completed with care and attention to detail, in order to preserve the existing and surrounding structures. Our professional and experienced crews have taken on everything from small 1/2 bathroom renovations, right up to the reconfiguration of large warehouse spaces. 


Let us help you get start your home renovation project right with our select and hand demolition services!

For more information about select and hand demolition services, give us a call @ 


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