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Drywall Removal & Disposal in Coquitlam, BC


All-inclusive drywall removal service in Coquitlam, BC (we remove, load & haul the drywall away) - cost is dependent on amount and type of drywall.


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If you are looking for drywall removal in the tri-cities area (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody) then you have come to the right place. Hi, I'm Dean, and welcome to Big Lug Disposal!


Frequently Asked Questions About Drywall Removal/Disposal in Coquitlam, BC
How Much Does It Cost To Get Drywall Removed From My Coquitlam, BC Home Or Business?


The cost for our all-inclusive drywall removal & disposal service in Coquitlam, BC area (we remove, load & haul) is dependent on a number of variables including amount and type of drywall, so call Dean today at (604)-358-5455 to learn more about pricing for your situation. 


How Will You Get Rid of My Drywall?


As always, this will depend on other materials that are embedded in or around your drywall. Generally, we need to sort drywall into the appropriate piles. Sometimes we need to make separate trips if there are too many piles that differ too much.


Otherwise it's a relatively straightforward process - sort, load and unload.


Is Drywall (Also Called Gypsum, Plasterboard, Gyproc, or Wallboard) Accepted at the Coquitlam, BC Waste Transfer Station For Disposal?


Yes, the Coquitlam, BC transfer station accepts drywall.


What Types of Drywall Are Accepted?


  • New sheets of drywall plus scraps

  • Drywall containing paint, tiles, wallpaper, plaster, drywall nails and drywall screws


What Types of Drywall Are Not Accepted?


  • Drywall with asbestos

  • Drywall containing garbage

  • Drywall with other miscellaneous materials (wiring, outlets, wood)


What Are the Steps of a Coquitlam, BC Drywall Removal Job?


Getting your drywall removed is a simple process but requires a large vehicle, crew and specialized expertise. Here are the steps in the process:


  • Get a free estimate

  • Sort drywall into appropriate piles depending on other materials embedded inside (e.g. electrical outlets) - we can help with this

  • Crew moves drywall piles from property on to our trailer(s)

  • Crew meticulously cleans up your driveway

  • Crew transports your drywall to the landfill or transfer station in Coquitlam, BC

  • Crew unloads drywall at the appropriate location

  • No work required from you!

What Tools Are Required For Disposing of Drywall?


If you have already done your demolition and your drywall is sorted into piles then you won't need any tools - we can handle it from there. Otherwise, you will need tools for doing demolition.


What Are the Hazards Associated With Drywall Disposal?


One of the main dangers with drywall removal is asbestos. This is one reason why having professionals remove and dispose of your drywall may be your best option.


At Big Lug Disposal we have completed many drywall removal and disposal jobs in Coquitlam, BC in a safe and timely manner.


Our trailer-based drywall removal system enables us to be swift and agile and get the job done quickly.


We can be in and out quickly in a matter of hours or days versus other solutions that can take weeks or months.


Drywall vs. Gypsum vs. Plasterboard


Drywall is a product that is mainly used for interior finishing. You might also see it referred to as plasterboard gypsum board. Drywall is made by placing gypsum plaster inside with fiberglass matting covering the outer sides of the board.


If you have come this far it's probably easiest to pick up the phone and have us come over to give you an estimate.


Call Dean Today To Learn More!


>> 604-358-5455 <<


P.S. Pick up the phone and dial right now!


Our Vision


We know that disposing of rubbish such as drywall can be somewhat intimidating. Our goal is to take the hassle and hard work out of drywall disposal so that you can move yoru project forward faster - in less time and with less effort.

Our Solutions


By doing drywall removal a bit differently than other companies we are able to operate in a way that is friendlier to both the environment and your wallet. Learn more about how we do drywall removal & disposal on our solutions page.

Our Services Beyond Drywall Disposal


We provide a number of value-added services to meet your rubbish removal needs including drywall disposal in Coquitlam, BC.


No matter if you prefer self-serve junk removal using our trailer drop off program, full-service rubbish removal, pick up for single or multiple items, or even clean up for a commercial construction site or warehouse we can provide the service that will perfectly match your needs! Learn more on our services page.

Your Next Step For Coquitlam Drywall Removal & Disposal


Now it's time to get in touch. Call us right away and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the drywall disposal process and how it works.


Call Dean Today To Learn More!


>> 604-358-5455 <<


P.S. Pick up the phone and dial right now!


Big Lug Disposal & Recycling

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Drywall Removal, Disposal & Hauling - Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody, BC


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